We have something for everyone - Vendors, Supplies, Firearms, Knives, Adult & Youth Events, Up to 40+ Workshops & More

Whether you are a prepper, survivalist, gun enthusiast, homesteader or all the above, we have what you are looking for. You can come here to stock up on supplies or improve your knowledge. 

 Prepper Show/Gun show entrance ticket cost person   

  • (Adult & Youth)  $10.00 each  
  • kids -6 & under free admission to Prepper & Gun show only

Monster Truck Show Ticket Price Entrance ticket per adult  Pre-buy $15/($20.00 at the gate)

  • Youth ticket $12.00  6-yrs and above
  • Military- First Responder & Veteran (with proof) $15.00 

(Discount)  Pre- Registration for Combined Prepper Show/Gun Show & Monster Truck Show Pkg.- $25.00 (per adult)

  • Youth  $20.00
  • No Other discounts apply or can be combined!   (FREE PARKING)


You won't want to miss this! We are adding a MONSTER TRUCK SHOW to our line up of special events. Don't miss out on a weekendticket package price that will blow your socks off! Details coming soon.


We have not forgotten about the next Generation of Preppers and Survivalists. We are offering classes hands on for all ages in survival bushcraft, Air rifle safety and marksmanship, Archery safety and marksmanship as well as other events going on throughout the Expo. Hay rides, project making and more. Most activities are indoors in air conditioned spaces. Come see us at the Wood Co. Fair Grounds on Poe Rd in Bowling Green, Ohio 43402



First come first served vendor booth spaces from the Grandstand ticket area to the Grandstand building with multi level pricing for premium spaces. Vendors with pull-up trailers and tents welcome, 10 by 10 booth spaces inside of Grandstand building.

OPEN CARRY IN GUN SHOW (Buy - Sell - Trade) Open to every paying guest

Whether you are a gun dealer or a gun trader, this event is for you!!


ON SITE CAMPING for Rv's Motor Homes & Tents or close local hotels

Overnight accommodation provided for RV's Campers, Trailer and Tents for a small fee, Restrooms available on site.


How often do you go to a show and find out after you arrive that you have to pay an additional fee for parking? Well not at our show, parking is free!


If you are a Vendor or Business Owner and you would like our guest to know that you helped support this event then we have some great deals for you!!!

High profile advertisement available for the week during the show as well as High profile MC advertisement during the main events.

Contact Nick at 419-575-2693

Contact us at: OhioPrepperShow@gmail.com

Got questions you don't have answered yet? 

E-mail us at the above address or call Nick at 419-575-2693

Pre-show ticket sales to be announced so stay tuned for our updates.

Youth Training & Fun Stuff

Youth Archery

Youth Safety Training and practical application provided by: 


Specializing in individual and group archery www.ajarchery.com

Youth & Family Hay Rides

Tractor pulled hay rides for kids and family

Kids Crafts & Survival Classes

We have multiple craft ideas for kids to participate in.

  • Bush craft classes
  • Disaster preparedness 
  • First aid

over 40+ workshops & activities


We have loads of free classes for anyone wishing to learn more abouth the art of Bushcraft, survival foods of the wild and preservation techniques

Gun Show, Sales & Training for Enthusiasts

If your looking for a firearm or just like to shop and compare prices, we will have booths open foradults only to shop and purchase. We will also have on site black powder demonstrations and additional free handloading classes. We are providing CCW CLASSES provided by Dewitt Tactical for a small fee as well as youth air rifle training and marksmanship with onsite range.

To register for a CCW class call 419-575-2693 Deposit required with reservation.

Commo classes and GMRS radio training

We are offering classes on GMRS, Ham Radio and Power Supplies

Classes are subject to change but are for teaching about the uses, licensingand operation of hand held communication devices.

2017 Distinguished returning Guest Speakers

Expert Survivalist & Author JIM COBB

 Jim Cobb is the owner and lead trainer for DisasterPrepConsultants.com. His articles on preparedness have been published in national magazines such as OFFGRID, American Survival Guide, Survivor's Edge, and Boy's Life. You can find him online at Survival Weekly.com. His books include Prepper's Home Defense, Prepper's Financial Guide, and Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide. Jim lives in the Upper Midwest with his beautiful wife and their three adolescent weapons of mass destruction. 

Jim will be conducting workshops on Saturday of the Summit and will be available for book signing if you have your copy of Jim's many books.

Expert Survivalist & Author EVE GONZALEZ

Eve Gonzales, Disaster preparedness expert, survivalist and author. Eve and her staff have responded to 18 major disaster throughout the USA and around the globe. Eve and her staff have experienced and gathered a vast amount of knowledge and skills realted to disaster survival and have developed proven and tested methods and equipment in actual disaster areas and decided to open Trading Post In The Woods Inc. where they now educate and make available their knowledge and disaster tested equipment & techniques for you.

Eve will be sharing her first hand experiences and conducting classes on Friday Evening and Saturday Midday and Sunday Midday.

Classes include: 

  • Homeopathy
  • Lessons learned from 18 disaster zones
  • Natural alternatives to modern medicine

Book signing and purchase of her recommended survival items at her booth

Mark Calfee: doTerra

 More info to come on wellness classes and natural oils


(NBC) Surviving a radioactive Bio & Chem disaster

Food Preservation

Info to come soon

Building an ideal Bug out Bag on a budget

Info to come soon

10-ways to purify water from the environment

Info to come soon

Survival Medicine & trauma care

Info to come soon

Herbal Treatments and remidies

Info to come soon

Beginner Classes on Survival Bush Craft & More

Working with Black Powder

Info to come soon

Building Hasty Shelters

Info to come soon

10- easy ways to start a fire

Info to come soon

Essential tools for survival

Info to come soon

Essential Plants for survival

Info to come soon

Urban Survival Techniques & Building a stash tube

Info to come soon


Patriot & Motivational Speaker Brian Lange

Brian Lange is the founder and host of LIVE TRUTH RADIO.com that reaches throughout the Continental United States and overseas. Brian travels to major events around the USA to uncover the truth and to MC causes of concern for all Americans. Live Truth Radio is well connected and at the forefront of all major issues plauging our governement getting the word out and making people aware. We all know how important UG radio has become and without it, we would all be in the dark. Brian Lange is a Patriot and a Crusader for the truth. Want to know more? Go to :  livetruthradio.com/listen-live 

Learn what our Government is up to!


Ryan Sawyer: Expert Medical Paramedic

Ryan Sawyer is an experienced Trauma Expert and Para Medic. He is a lead trainer and Senior member of the Oho Oath Keepers Medical Round Table. Ryan has a vast set of knowledge, skills and abilities and is of the developers of the Ohio Oath Keepers medical training guide for disaster preparedness and survival. Ryan is the V.P. of the Ohio Oath Keepers and donates his time and expertise to train others in on and off grid medical survival.

NICK GETZINGER (Survivalist, Homesteader and First Responder)

  Nick is one of the founders, officer and volunteer trainer of the Black Swamp Ohio Oath Keepers and aide de compte to the president of the Ohio Oath Keepers. Nick is a trained and experienced survivalist & prepper who gained his combined lifelong survival experience in the military, multiple major disasters in the USA and his service as a firefighter, trauma first responder & many other emergency management positions throughout his career. As a Veteran of two wars. Nick has a vast amount of knowledge and skills in disaster survival techniques, disaster preparedness, natural medical treatments, water & sanitary treatment & management, engineering, licensed master technician in 6 trades and former college instructor in multiple trades. Nick shares his experiences in personal survival and disaster preparedness with the public to raise awareness of our own self complacency and lack of preparedness in the USA. Nick has a personal motto based on biblical teaching that if you teach a man to fish he can eat for a lifetime where he educates people to become self sufficient and self reliant.     


Sensei John Yockey   Mr. Yockey’s Martial Journey began in 1977 when he became interested in competing in wrestling. Over the years he competed in Folk-style, Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling. He was a State alternate as a Junior and State Qualifier as a senior. Mr. Yockey also competed for 4 years at Hiram College where he was a regional runner-up at Heavyweight. He was ranked in the top ten in the nation at 120kg weight class for the Open (Olympic) Division in 1995 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. From 1989 until recently he has held a variety of Junior High and High School coaching positions mostly within the Toledo City League where he also teaches Physical Education and Health. Some of those schools where he coached include Libbey High School, St. John’s Jesuit High School, Roger’s High School, and Start High School. John received a BA degree at Hiram College in 1987 and in 1995 he earned a Masters of Education from the University of Toledo. In 2000 He began training at American Kenpo Karate (Tracy System) in Toledo Ohio. He received his 1st degree Black belt in 2003 and has been helping instruct since then. He is currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Master Mike Sherman (7th degree).  Mr. Yockey also teaches and trains in a Filipino Martial Art called Modern Arnis under Master of Tapi-Tapi Charles Gauss. Master Gauss was a personal student of Grandmaster Professor Remy Amador Presas; one of 7 Masters in the world. This is the highest achievable rank anyone can earn in this system. Mr. Yockey helps teach classes in Westland Michigan at Master Gauss’ School (Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7-9PM), as well as running classes 3 days a week in the Toledo area (Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8:00 and Sundays from 4:30-6:00).     rveL���

John will be teaching personal defense classes for adults, women specific and youth classes at the Expo

Aquaponic & Hydroponics By: Robert Barker and Jonathon Urmetz

We will be displaying a small version of do it yourself Hydro & Aquaponics systems and putting on a live demonstration on how to build your own self sufficient food source.

How to Build your own Dutch Bucket System

Hands on training of building a customized indoor or outdoor bucket garden that will thrive with both hydroponics and aquaponics

Robert is a skilled self taught survivalist and homesteader.

  Member van wert Jaycees, US Navy Veteran, On call firefighter Westbrook Maine, Volunteer firefighter/ Capt training officer 1999 to 2009 Emergency medical 911 service with the last 6 years as a full time paramedic in Lima Ohio.  Robert is an avid learner and trainer and is continually perfecting his craft in canning, most all forms of meat preserve methods, herbalist, gardening, home defense, hunting, butchering, etc... 

Healing herbs & essential oils

2- Daily Classes on Prepper and Survivalist Essential Oils Uses


Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils Essential for Preppers

Morning & Afternoon Classes

Herbalist & Essential Oil Expert: Mark Calfee- doTERRA


Herbalist  & Essential Oil and Health Advocate

Mark Calfee- doTERRA

Black Powder Demonstration & Cap Making by: Reed Spencer

Reed will show you how to use a black powder firearm and make your own black powder supplies like, black powder, patches, lead balls and percussion caps.

Building and Hiding Survival Stash Containers

This class is a must for every prepper and survivalist. Hands on demonstration and practical application on building your own surivival stash and where to hide them. Ever wonder how you should store a firearm in a stash, we will show you!

Food Preservation methods and how to make your own Long-Term Survival Food

Have you ever wondered how to make your own long term survival food or how to preserve your food supplies to last for years to come? We will show you. 

Short List of Activities


help us Support a cause



Heroes in action was established in NW Ohio to aid local veterans and active military deployed overseas from NW Ohio. Heroes in action is an all volunteer organization and is dedicated to helping our own by assisting disabled veterans and their families with the necessities they need to regain stability and carry on normal lives. Heroes in action carries on another vital mission on a monthly basis and that is to send care packages to local active military members deployed overseas. As a veteran of two wars, I can tell you personally how nice it is to know that you are being thought of back home and how nice it is to get a care package to boost your morale.  There are no high paid executives at Heroes in action so your donations go right to the need of the people they serve.  To see how you can help in addition to our show, go to the link above. 


Each year we attempt to raise funds for  the public good and this year it is our goal to raise money to help children fighting for their lives.

St. Jude's is an medical organization that leaves the attending families with no bill's for the treatment for their child who is fighting for survival. This is our chance to make a difference and help preserve our legacy, our children.

Black Swamp Ohio Oath Keepers

Black Swamp Ohio Oath Keepers is a non profit & non partisan organization made up of mostly (active & retired) military, law enforcement & first responders dedicated to the education of the general public for (Disaster response & Disaster preparedness) The organizational goal is to teach self sufficiency and self reliance through education, demonstration and practical application. Black Swamp Ohio Oath Keepers in conjunction with the Oath Keepers Outpost Survival Store are primary sponsors of this event. All of the trainers for the free classes are volunteer members of the Ohio Oath Keepers.  Ohio Preppers Show LLc. is proud to play an active role in promoting the cause of this organization.